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During that time, I could do regular (slow) searches with the X1 setting When I discontinued the reindexing, the neither the X1 nor show function worked worked with the X1 setting. The reason for my delay in responding is that I used the reindexing instruction in the Tools Find Messages menu in Eudora, and I wanted to give it time. I am also confused because the fix you suggested appears to involve using the paid version of X1. If I understand what I did, I have 14 days to pay for X1. Okay Andy, Then please try to "repair" the index, Under "Find Messages" options: Index Now Re-Index Email Please refer this manual: is supposed to pause itself anyway, whenever you use anything else in Eudora; so give time to complete the indexing.Regards Jins Dear Jins: Thank you again for your prompt reply.Tweaking Windows is essential to getting the maximum performance out of your computer.Even on a fast computer, if the settings are incorrect, the computer will perform poorly.

Eudora's message rules are versatile, and it's easy to eliminate spam using the precise Bayesian filter, dubbed "Spam Watch." "Scam Watch" looks for spoofed URLs in phishing emails that want to trick you into handing sensitive data to criminals.Now you’ll see the Virtual Memory settings as shown below.In Windows 7 and higher, the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box is checked by default.In Windows 7, you’ll need to click on Advanced System Settings on the left side to bring up the System Properties dialog.On the Performance dialog, click the Advanced tab and then click Change under the Virtual Memory heading.

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