Esx host not updating time ntp

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Hi, I'm deploying multiple, almost identical esxi servers on brand new hardware and I've come across a problem of time synchronization.

After firing up the server, the clock is heavily out of time - a few hours typically.

For this example, I used "" -- a pool of NTP servers hosted at VMware.

When you've finished adding NTP servers, it's important to remember to restart to update the NTP service settings.

It's very important to configure a manual time source for the primary domain controller emulator in the forest root domain.

Edit and select "Use Network Time Protocol (Enable NTP client)." Next, open the NTP Service Startup Policy drop-down menu and choose "Start and stop with the host." Add all your NTP servers to the NTP Servers text box (Figure A).

I can telnet other ports,such as ssh, to the same host.

I'm not sure what steps to take as I'm sort of new with VMWare.

Continue Reading You can set up your infrastructure to better take advantage of new technology in just a few steps.NTP is really easy to configure on v Sphere, but is not always considered as important by people who are not synchronizing the time of their guests using VMware Tools.In fact, VMware even recommends to configure time synchronization within guests using or _NTP_ instead of VMware Tools periodic time synchronization.If you don't restart, the service goes into a "stop" state and doesn't apply the settings right away.Once you've followed these steps and restarted, you've successfully configured the ESXi host to fetch the time from an external source. It's rare that one configuration is the perfect fit for every situation.

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