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The community awareness is conducted by providing information about domestic violence to the general public to inform them of the severity of the problem.

The PR Campaign includes distributing brochures to agencies and at public events; posting billboards in highly visible areas; and, airing PSA's during October and November on local cable channels.

You may file a petition for a civil protection order (CPO) for yourself or household/family members.

The Domestic Violence Advocate provides legal advocacy services (notification of and accompaniment to court hearings, education regarding the court system and domestic violence, assistance with obtaining of protective orders, and, liaison with prosecutors, probation officers, and court personnel as well as safety planning).Many issues have been addressed, such as batterer's programs vs.anger management, dual charging, difficulty in determining the primary aggressor, and the need for on-going training.Safety Planning is an important component to empowering victims.Victims are educated as to the purpose of safety plans.

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