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The event viewer is also a good place to look for any miscellaneous errors such as permission errors or provisioning issues etc. Unfortunately, this blog would last forever if I was to discuss all the possibilities here or even the most common events that occur, to look for or even warnings and errors that can be safely ignored! As mentioned, the status review in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console is not the only place to look for to determine issues.

Also as mentioned, the Windows Event Viewer is a great place to perform daily checks.

If the number of items being archived are not reaching the expected level, ensure that items are not stuck in the MSMQ queues (as later discussed) or consider targeting more message classes such as calendar appointments or targeting the deleted items folder in order to reclaim more space from Exchange.

displays the number of items and total size of items in the vault stores.

This post is to provide customers with a list for the top things to look out for within Enterprise Vault.

Top 7 (and a bit) places to look for when completing daily EV checks for Exchange Archiving (and common solutions!

Maybe more a monthly review than a daily check, but SQL Reporting can be configured which amongst many other fine features, provides a rolling archival rate per period (day/week/month) which can ensure EV is archiving data as required.

The usage page can also be drilled into to display item information per archive, which can be useful to ensure that mailboxes are being archived and to monitor troublesome mailboxes.If the status is green or only has status errors that you are aware of, 99% of the time EV should be running fine.However there is always that 1% where there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.Size Space shortage on disk is quite an obvious issue to resolve (add more space!) However, it is sometimes the case when this cannot be completed.

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