Dwt template not updating

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You'll bring in that template, update the title block, and be ready to go. We'll create a 24-by-36-inch layout in this example. You'll create your title block template right in the layout drawing you've just created.Open a new drawing using your blank drawing template in the appropriate units, and select one of the Layout tabs. Select a default printer or plotter for the layout style. At this point, you can either draw your title block into your layout template or bring in an existing one.

However, different disciplines and different stages of the design process will all but inevitably require you to plot at a different size.If you open the resulting file, you will see that the previously paperspace linework is now in Modelspace.If you want to avoid the WBLOCK step for whatever reason, you'll need to move the Paper Space linework into Model Space.Your first (and, we think, preferable, option) involves using the Write Block (WBLOCK) command to move your title block into its own drawing.You'll then bring it in as an External Reference (Xref) when you need to place it in a sheet.

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