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But in the time I'm sure you will love more than asp. NET (and over 10 years classic) I haven't worked out how to debug using VS on local machine yet, as I'm working straight from the live server. You can also access it by pressing F5 or F5 ctrl (start without debugging). Although it can be helpful for redirect or when you want to see the parameters you are sending in: Response. " (the only difference here is I programmatically set the ID on Page_Load from a session variable I already have from the previous page, like so (if you're interested)): 'In this Details View.

It's great for fast application development alhhough some things are really painfull to do. Item Updating event, grab the NEW values - the values entered by the user 'Create/Build the SQL in here by iterating through all the columns to find the RELEVANT ONLY ones, accessing each one by its name ''''Set up the stringbuilders to handle the update command string I had a similar problem.

But then again the video said the Detials View was for viewing only, but if that's the case, why does it have functionality for an update and delete command? I've started firs learning and then when I started working have to learn asp by side. Cheers : D on the top of the Visual Studio programm you have File Edit, etc. And your parameter "p Offers ID" is added in the Page_Load event, but I cannot find it in the select' or update statements. For all concerned who have had previous with this piece of sh*t, this is how I finally nailed it: Pass all the details into the Details View using the Select Command - this ALWAYS has worked.

There is big difference in this 2 programming languages but in some points are very similar. There you should also have Debug (if not look under options / customize toolbar). :) I recommend you learning with access database or SQL server if possible. It was only the Update that didn't - even tho I'm using a similar parameter for the "WHERE ID = ?

I know some people that are used to asp and then don't want to go to Only field where it's better is because in my work we have hundreds of pages in asp and most of the things are developed. All of a sudden when I added a 2nd item on the Select Parameter the SQL Update process did not work, even worst; it deleted the record!

I don't know how long are you programming in but I suggest you to start slowly by reading msdn, searching google and asking here. After many trials nothing worked, but here is how I fixed it: I manually deleted the 2 parameters from the update sql string ( I had the record in hand, using the Original_Id only), these 2 parameters where part of the update command created automatically, but not need to be updated.

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Thanks Regards I have included the primary key in SELECT and it now works fine.The answer might seem to be lie in simply using Design View in VS to create the mark up from scratch (and hence overwriting any 'bugs? Anyone any thoughts on my using a Details View for this, instead of a Form View???Just watched a training video on Learn Visual Studio, and he used a Form View, and not a Details View. :) First of all: walk around on fresh air for some time or take some time off ;) The programming can be pain in the ass. But I did a successful demo like this, you can try it, maybe it'll help you: Select Command="SELECT ID, Client ADSRef, Creditor Ref, Client Name, Client Address Line1, Client Postcode, Act Bal, Offer, Accepted, Rejected, With Collections, Rejected Notes, Updated, Creditor Name, Client Creditor ID, Created Date FROM Offers TEST WHERE ID = @id" Update Command="UPDATE Offers TEST SET Creditor Ref = @cref WHERE ID = @id" In my mind, I think you can access its parameters defined like what I gave you below. ), I have actually given up trying to utilise the Details View exclusively to solve my quite basic requirements.The only problem is that ID (PK) also display in Details View. Is there a way to hide the Primary Key while keeping it working?Thanks Regards "Munna" news:6b**********************************@k37g2000 hsf... On Jun 22, am, "John" Hi I have a Details View that is bound to a sql server.

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