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more By popular demand, Camera 3 Entertainment is now hosting monthly screenings of Tommy Wiseau's The Room, an electrifying American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies.

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Most often, b-roll is not synched, you don't know if the flower girl actually yawned before, during, or after the long-winded sermon, the close-up of the bride's father wiping a tear away could have actually happened at any time.

Synchronizing multiple cameras is a little trickier, but it will allow you to cut back and forth between two cameras at exactly the same moment - extremely useful when you have video and audio tracks that need to stay together, such as musical performances or dances.

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Callers must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s …

Lots of modern cameras have built in time code which can be controlled from an external source, but without such equipment, you can use the same method Hollywood's been using for nearly a hundred years to synchronize audio and motion pictures that are recorded separately - an easily definable event of a short duration recorded by both.

When film and video are recorded separately you need a visual cue and an audio cue that happen at the same time - traditionally this is made by a "clapper" or "sticks" - some guy in a baseball hat steps in front of the camera with a clapper and says "scene three, take four" and bangs the two parts of the clapper together.

This long-time midnight cult sensation screens the second Saturday of each month, starting at 12 midnight.

Gold .5M New at Camera 3 Cinema Academy Award Nominee, Best Animated Feature!

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