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I need to stay away from the others that dont feel good. I am suffering severe bad smell in my breath due to some problem in intestine. Saigon me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 133.

I have already consulted to dental specialist but they say there is no problem on my teeth, every 6 months I go to the Dentist to cleaning my teeth. Africa me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 126. China me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 127. Russian Dating me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 128. India me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 129. Thailand me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 130. Philippines Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 131. me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 132.

My Crazy Life My life has been a very long and hard life for me.

Most of all, she may become conscious on the importance of education.

I am shy talk to people; I brush my teeth three to four times and floss, I have bought every possible mouthwash in the stores. Indonesian (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 117. Singapore me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 118. Mexican Dating me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 119. Hong Kong (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 120. Malaysia me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 121. Colombia Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 122. Latin Dating me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 123. Asian Dating me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 124. Muslim me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 125.

I knew that I still had Halitosis because sometimes my friends would rub their noses when I talked to them, and say someone needs to brush their teeth lol! Filipino Dating (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 115. Jewish me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 116.

After a while, I just became accustomed to not speaking and/or covering my mouth from a distance, in the hopes that I didn't offend the person.

2009 Everyone nearby teased me a lot that Im bad smell or Halitosis no one can talk to me face to face...!

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After I got home it started me to think how valuable my life is, and make to think more how lucky you got it here on this planet we all are playing on. I am also afraid my friends will forget about me when they have families of their own and when they are old and that would kill me if I was forgotten? I actually prefer being alone than being in a crowd. But that point aside, what does it have to do with her? She is the one who should have talked to me about it before opening her mouth. The good thing about this situation is that I would be able to know who my true friends are. And I go off the rail so crazy and blinded by desire and wanting to dish out revenge against those who screw me in the ground and treat you like youre below a human just for the pleasure of doing it to you! I have lots of troubles that my friends dont know I have and I cant tell them whats wrong. Something very bad had happen to me when I was 17 yrs old, it will affect me for the rest of my life! But I am always there with a smile for my friends and will be there for them to get them though the bad times they are going through. I know how to lower my pride when needed, but this time, I dont think it is the time for that. I dont care as long as I got my true friends with me.

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