Dating your sister scared of dating sites

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In fact, my father and his brother dated (and eventually married) my mother and her sister.

Granted, this reduces the number of people at future family reunions, but the offspring of my aunt and uncle are (near) genetic siblings.

"Hi, Y/N," he drawled, the alcohol on his breath and the look in his eyes indicated he was a little more than drunk. "Calum.." "I've always liked you more, Y/N," he admitted, and it was so genuine you almost forgot he was drunk. Okay, don't freak out or- actually nothing," he stuttered. "Wait-" "I like you, basically," he admitted with that blush still bright red on his cheeks.

"Might as well," he laughed and you jumped up from your bed.The plan was going perfectly, until you felt someone's arm sneak around your waist. " He nodded bitterly towards towards the party and you saw her kissing another guy.You flinched, which only made him pull you in closer against him. "Calum, you like Chloe, you're with Chloe," you reminded him. Your jaw dropped, "but," you started and he cut you off. " His lips leaned into your neck, and you didn't stop him. "To be honest, you're the reason-well, the only reason I said yes when she asked me out was so I'd have excuses to see and talk to you," he mumbled, rocking back and forward on his feet nervously.She might want me too; but she’s not giving in that easy…He's Dating Your Sister But Likes You (Requested By Jujubadr) A/N: I'm going to make the default sister's name Chloe because bad at coming up with names (sorry if that's your name) Ashton: You'd been crushing on this guy for who knows how long. "She's out.." You replied and you heard him groan. Before you remembered what attire you were actually wearing, it was too late. " He asked, his head turning to lock eyes with you.

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