Dating your fender telecaster

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But that son of a bitch is no where to be found on the guitar itself! Don't let people who have no guitar knowledge work on your guitars. But I don't really know what I'm talking about. From 1976 onwards, the serial was "stamped" on the guitar itself, and could not be removed. Also- the stamped Fender on the bridge plate is totally horizontal and not slanted like the one in the pic. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion.

Before that, it was a number stamped on the neckplate (1952-1976), on the bridgeplate of the earliest of Broadcasters/No Casters/Esquires/Telecasters, and on the plastic tremolo-spring cover on the earliest of Stratocasters. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community.

But due to the modular nature of Fender's production methods, and the fact that most serial numbers schemes are not sequential and usually overlap from between 2 to 4 years, (from the early days of Fender, through to the mid 1980s), dating by the serial number is not an exact science.So I bought a '52 telecaster reissue when I was a very dumb, very naive 19 year old. (One had individual saddles and the other had shared saddles- although these might not be the correct technical terms)Anyway- some 14 years later I get an urge to switch out the bridge, so I bring it in to the shop.The dude at the counter looks at the guitar and is having trouble finding the serial number. Older fenders had the serial in the neck pocket along with the crafstma 's initials and date of manufacturing.The AV52 uses the old 1952 method of serialisation, which means it has a serial on the bridgeplate. Thing is: if you replace the bridge, you remove the serial as well. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. Talk to a passionate expert on vintage Fender electric guitars today.

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