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If the protagonist attempts to walk away from this puzzle, Papyrus asks the protagonist not to be rude since they made the puzzle for them.Backing away again causes Papyrus to ask if the protagonist treats their mother the same way when she makes them a puzzle.The game works similar to a game of mini-golf where the protagonist must push the ball into the hole at the end of a tampered snow course.Of course, once the ball is pushed, it must be continuously pushed or else it shrinks and melts, then returns to the beginning of the course.These flags provide a description of how the ball was handled, which is thought to be related to the personality of the six souls, and then awards the protagonist with a certain amount of GOLD.Checking the hole before the ball is pushed into it brings up an excited reaction to the hole.The puzzle can contain a bear-faced snowman named "Nightmare" that only appears when the fun value is set to 56 or 57.If the protagonist attempts to leave back to the room to the left, Papyrus complains to Sans that he had made the puzzle too hard.

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Papyrus becomes nervous, and then believes that the protagonist is having culture shock and explains that it is a tradition in the Underground to suffer through puzzles.

The switch itself is located in the upper right portion of the room surrounded by trees.

On the Genocide Route, the switch has already been pressed down by vines meaning that the puzzle had already been completed before the protagonist entered the puzzle.

The Invisible Electricity Maze is one of the first puzzles encountered in Snowdin Forest.

This puzzle always begins electrocuting Papyrus no matter where they enter the maze.

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