Dating the roommate

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See how you get along so you’ll be fully prepared when it comes time to move in with each other.

Plus it will help make you feel like you are not moving in with a complete stranger.

Your future roommate will (hopefully) become your bff, but remember, friendships like this take time.

Also, while we encourage being upfront with your roommate, some things are better left unsaid before you meet him/her in person.

Getting along with your roommate is important to having an enjoyable first year, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be inseparable.

While this does sometimes happen; it doesn’t hurt to branch out and meet new people and just be friendly with your roommate.

Remember that living with someone in a college dorm will involve some adjustments on both parts.

Don’t expect that you and your roommate will be best friends.

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I can assure you this will look like you’re trying too hard, or worse, it will just come off creepy.Once the conversation has begun, a few initial questions you might want to ask are: Where are they are from? Here are few essential things to know before hand: Make sure you evaluate your living style honestly.It’s no use lying about how neat you are, or how late you stay up, because your roommate will find out the truth eventually.This can be a good way to find out things like what kind of music they like, movies they watch, what their hobbies are.However, be careful about judging them before you actually get to know them. I know that around the time when I first found out who my roommate would be, my profile picture on Facebook was of a lone tree in the middle of a field (it was an inside joke with a few of my friends).

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