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Hideki Kamiya, director of Bayonetta and writer/supervisor of Bayonetta 2, provides supervision.

Platform: Nintendo Switch ™ | Genre: Action | Release Date: August 30, 2019 | Price: .99(USD) | ESRB Rating: Teen | Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Platinum Games Inc. Main Character Design ©Masakazu Katsura/SHUEISHA Humanity’s last hope against the extradimensional invasion is the Legion – a living weapon, tethered to a human controller.

As a rookie Neuron officer, you and your Legion will work together to solve cases and save humankind.

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Synergetic Action is all in a day’s work at Neuron! ASTRAL CHAIN is set in a near-future metropolis called the Ark.Switch between several Legion types and skills to save the world your way.ASTRAL CHAIN features character designs by the acclaimed mangaka Masakazu Katsura (ZETMAN, Video Girl Ai), and marks the directorial debut of Platinum Games’ Takahisa Taura (designer of Nie R: Automata).Similarities and differences with Sir Eglamour of Artois point to the tale being broadly contemporary with Sir Eglamour, that is, fourteenth century, and that both are based upon a common anticedent, now lost.God, who is worthy, bold and holds heaven and Earth in his hands – water, wind and every field – deliver us from deadly sin and give us the grace to go to heaven when we die and to be in your service forever.

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