Dating someone who is quitting smoking

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After smoking these many years, I thought that it was impossible to quit smoking because i tried for 3 times and every time I surrendered to the urge.It came to the point where I didn't like smoking but i was smoking because the urge was so strong that if i tried not to smoke then i felt like trapped in a cell where i was thirsty and not allowed to drink the water.My advice to other smokers is: if you really want to quit, you can do it.I made a conscious effort to replace my bad habits with good habits.Seven out of 10 Elitesingles users said finding a partner who doesn’t smoke was a non-negotiable deal-breaker. He had been married to a smoker for four years, and when they separated he decided to overhaul his life.Don’t ruin your chances of striking it lucky with The One, start your quit journey today and who knows what else will fall into place along the way. New to the world of dating, he relied on help from his team at work to find love.

As part of quitting smoking, I decided to put cigarettes money every day in my wallet and not spend it so that i can look back at in a week and see how much money I saved in one week, After 1 week, I looked at my wallet and I had more than 100$ saved without smoking.In my relationships, I always told my partners that I am not going to leave smoking unless I want to and it would not change anything if they would nag/pursue me to quit smoking because I didn't want to.I reached a stage where i was smoking 20 Cigarettes on a daily basis and it doubled if i was drinking on weekends or weekdays.Hopefully, by combining the incentive of finding romance with our quitting advice, you can be on the journey to quit success.We’ve helped thousands of people in Victoria quit for good. Our friendly and qualified Quit specialists will talk through your motives, help identify and manage your triggers and be there for you at every step along the way.

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