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Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a couple of well equipped mercenaries: Esonver: The Great Wolf Lobster Artist TΔIKAH: The Brilliant Tiger Graphics Designer These two talented individuals have have helped me bring a new level of quality to the game and your support helps me pay for their art/services.At the moment, I update the game at least once a month.Whether it be art, animating, modeling, coding, story writing…there’s so much that goes into building games and I’d love to create a home for those passionate about their craft. The short term goal is being able to work on Uncommon Breed and similar games full time.When setting out to create my own visual novel, my first stop was with Ren’Py, as I had used it years ago to enter an online contest (and won! Despite having zero knowledge of Python or any prior programming experience, I was able to edit the sample game it came packaged with in a satisfactory manner, simply writing code based on the examples in the short visual novel that serves as a demo of what Ren’Py is capable of.

More than a visual novel One of my core motivations for making Uncommon Breed was to learn the ins and outs of Unity (a Game Development Engine) with the intent of making more interactive/complex games in the future.This makes it best to pledge at the beginning of the month to avoid being charged back to back.This is patreons way of helping alleviate content theft and helps your exclusive rewards remain exclusive! Twitter Breed VNPatron download link:https://io/uncommon-breed/patreon-accessible Looking alright so far.Current Project At the moment, I’m working on the RPG / Visual Novel, Uncommon Breed.In this game, your relationships affect both story and combat!

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