Dating polish women tips Adult dating sites in porum oklahoma

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Polish people will appreciate an understated self-assurance rather than anything showy or egotistical.

It is not acceptable to drink too much; Poland has a social problem with men drinking too much.

The other rule that you should never forget as a man is that, it is not about material things.

Wealth and things are great but, this should not be thing to show while dating the girls. Going out for bike rides and reading a book together will certainly make her happier than your absence or materials.

This is because Polish girls appreciate people who are modest and down to earth.

This does not mean they are perfect but, your pride is enough to get rid of you.

Manners in Polish dating differ slightly from American dates in that the Polish woman will expect you to open doors and allow her to go first.

When meeting a woman it is acceptable to kiss the woman on her hand.

It is not seen as attractive to talk about money and how much money or material things that you have.

Polish people are frugal with money and therefore they will not expect expensive things.

When arriving on a date it is customary to bring a small token gift, this could be a flower or a small box of chocolates.

Therefore, be careful to treat her with respect and like a normal human being just like any other.

If you are an American who is used to bragging or showing off, it is time to leave your prideful ways.

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