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A slight misrepresentation of what Purdue says (probably because of the rush Snorri was in).

While sex in the fields certainly occurred from time to time, it wasn't a proper place for such activities as it made the future use of the fields and the consumption of the crops "problematic," to use Purdue's word.

In a way your biological father was just the person that happened to be having sex with your mother.

Many cultures with this matrilineal kinship system do not recognize the role of sex in making babies.

Your mother's brother was basically your father and the most important person in your life.Polygyny was widely practiced throughout the region, although the permission of the first wife was required.Divorce existed and could be initiated by either party.Sorry, in a rush, perhaps I'll stealthily edit later.Edit: I really recommend This, of course, applied to men as well as women and started from a relatively young age (early teens).

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