Dating maxon pickups

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I'm surprised no one has made an offer on your Cherry Endorser, they are nice guitars, and yours looks to be in great shape. Good luck, Mike, I had some trouble with my camera, I have pics of the pick-ups, How do I get them to you or on here? On a real good day, Maxons will bring a hundred each if there is someone looking a specific matching pair or production year for a restoration underway.I have purchased a creme MMk45 for possible replacement in the bridge, I didnt mean to sound so cynical about the guitar but the old man I bought it from said he had it many years and never mentioned a change out of parts, now this has me wondering about the wiring also. Much the same as someday someone will be lookin the original MMKs for your CS.Unknown" generates confusion and debate over both the title used and the serial/production code allocated ...For example the early 1965 story featuring Nero was Serial M or The Romans.) The two were confusingly used interchangeably in many production and ...Learn More These burgers are pure goodness thanks to turkeys raised the right way and just two other simple ingredients (sea salt and rosemary extract).

It seems to have favored the exploitation of human beings rather than their enlightenment.The tail piece is also chrome, stamped made in Japan, so this was probably a change out on another guitar or parts sold to enhance value of the pick-ups being worth (????? What a shame, not for me but someone knew what they where doing, hard to find parts are worth more than a complete guitar, I,ve learned a big lesson, 450 shipping to any member, if not sold by Sunday it will go on e-bay with the reserve at that price and no mentioning of details other than I dont know a thing about guitars! (creme, I,m Bidding, ) I will answer all if interested Late tonight, Thanks Hard to be certain without seeing the back of the pickups, but Maxon (Japan) used a 5 digit numerical system back in the day, I believe 13xxx was from 1973, so it is conceivable that 16xxx is from 1976, which would have been about seven years before your Endorser was built, so take the above with a grain of salt.Again, the originals would have been Creme bobbin Matsumoku pickups (MMK45 or MMK53, I've seen both).confusion because some documents do not refer to it as a serial but rather as a "cutaway episode" ...All experience teaches that, whenever there is a great national establishment, employing large numbers of officials, the public must be reconciled to support many incompetent men; for such is the favoritism and nepotism always prevailing in the purlieus of these establishments, that some incompetent persons are always admitted, to the exclusion of many of the worthy.

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