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Those with the stomach for it fly over the vast Nazca plain in order to observe the mysterious etchings from the air.And others, somewhat apprehensive of climbing into a small plane in a foreign country tend to be satisfied with viewing a couple of the geoglyphs and some of the lines from a tower on the side of the highway.The Inca were not known for such enterprises, nor were the preceding cultures of Chincha or Wari people.Thus, it must have been the Nazca, or someone even earlier.Before we approach the subject of when they were made, let’s see why the Nazca died out as a civilization.Archaeologists examining the remains of the Nazca have uncovered a sequence of human induced events which led to their catastrophic collapse around 500 AD.This cold ocean water cools the marine air and limits the accumulation of moisture within clouds, and as a result though clouds and fog are able to form there is little rain and the region is exceptionally arid.

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Waking Times The lines of Nazca, as well as the animal and plant geoglyphs associated with them, are amongst the most mysterious ancient works of pre-Colombian Peru, and in fact the world.

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