Dating ideas in seattle dating for married seniors

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Damn The Weather is exactly what it sounds like - an exposed brick and alcohol-filled respite from Seattle’s heinous rain patterns.It’s always pretty crowded, the place feels cool (but not too cool), and the menu has a solid mix of small plates, pastas, and entrees.

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We like drinking margaritas on the rooftop here in the summertime, but the lively indoor dining room works well for an early-in-the-game date, too.Sit at the bar, order a mezcal cocktail and shrimp tacos or some of the best pork mole in the city, and if there’s chemistry and no rain, head upstairs for a patio nightcap.Belltown has plenty of spots that would work for a first date, but Black Bottle has some top-tier atmospheric magic happening.Food-wise, we especially like the steak tacos and chipotle chicken enchiladas.If nothing else, you will at least figure out how good your date is at using an eyedropper, since for some reason, that’s how you add hot sauce to your food here.

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