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Then you come across a profile of a cute girl with 9 photos…

Would you be more interested in the girl that showed you 4 or 5 things about herself, of the one that showed 9 things?

What you get in this article: By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. It must be difficult suffering political correctness.) Anyway, this is the type of skin showing photo that DOES work: This shot taken in a park in Cologne, Germany, has a bit of an arty vibe to it. If you have a job or hobby where you LEAD, then show her.

You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches. The more distractions there are in your first photo, the less likely you’ll get a swipe right. Neurological research has shown us that the more a woman’s brain has to work to process your picture, the less likely she will like you. More detailed information about this is found in my award winning No Matches on Tinder article. And besides showing that I’m in shape, it also shows a cool place. But before uploading your photo, avoid this trap: Many men’s dating profiles have a photo of them doing a speech.

It would still have the badass-extreme-sports vibe. Anyway, the point I want to focus on here is #3: You’ll radiate discipline. Then you’ll know that transforming your body isn’t easy as pie. Just imagine this photo we saw earlier, if I still had my pre-transformation body: Without the frame of my body being as it is now, this photo would lose part of it’s attractiveness. Just like 80% of all people who decide to work out as a new year’s resolution, quit just one month later. The attractiveness of literally all your (dating) photos will go up by a significant percentage if you hit the gym.If your answer is 9 then you’re a control freak and you to find a priest to help you fight that devil inside of you.Let me reinforce my opinion with a good ol’ quote from a good ol’ player.

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