Dating game secrets for marrying a good man alisa snell

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• Keep your peripheral vision turned toward him so you can catch his eye if you see him looking at you.Make brief eye contact with him, smile, and then turn away. • If you are talking with a girlfriend, start moving your hands a little more while you talk, lean slightly forward to show that you are interested in the person and their conversation, and periodically tough them on their upper arm, hands, or tips of their knees. Thus, if you are not dating, it is likely that you do not know how to flirt or are choosing not to flirt.” Tips for Flirting: 1.Look men in the eyes and smile warmly, sweetly, affectionately, tenderly, and playfully.

• Leave when you feel sufficient time was given for him to take action.That doesn’t mean I’ve gone out with creepy or mean guys, but it means I try to keep an open mind and go out with someone that may not be the perfect choice for me.For me, it’s about building some skills and trying to learn to get along and communicate with guys.The goal for me is to go out with 50 different guys.I read a book called, by Susan Page and it talked specifically about how statistically speaking, the more a person dates, the better chance they will find the right person to fall in love with and marry.

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