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These plants are now being propagated at the Nursery and the Makiki Station. is Colubrina oppositifolia, whose wood relative Alphitonia ponderosa, the Kauila from Kauai, in being harder grained and in possessing a deeper red color. In April and May, 1911, an arrangement was made whereby Mr. On the windward side of the plants a double line of Swamp Mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta) was set out, as a windbreak. There are increasing calls for a popular bulletin descriptive It is hoped of the common introduced trees planted in Honolulu. The collection was transferred to the College building in Manoa Valley in the summer of 1912. On each of these expeditions he collected much new herbarium material which was added to the collection. That o^ proved by the steady stream of applicato the Division. GRAVES, Forester EUCALYPTUS CULTURE IN HAWAII By LOUIS MARGOLIN Forest Examiner, Forest Service United States Department of Agriculture HONOLULU: HAWAIIAN GAZETTE CO,, LTD. I have the honor to transmit herewith a manu"Eucalyptus Culture in Hawaii," by Mr. Frontispiece 1 Prospect Hill Grove, Ulupalakua, Maui Fig. The timber supply of the continental United States at the present rate of consumption can not last for a long time.

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It can be challenging for Eleele singles looking for a more meaningful relationships that last. We use a scientific matching system that leverages 29 DIMENSIONS® based on features of compatibility found in thousands of successful relationships – Eleele dating has never been more real.Find a hot Asian date today with free registration! rport of the Division of Forestry, for the Biennial Period Ending Dec. Margol in By Louis Fer^s^ij^[email protected]~^~tr. When it does come out, it should be of very considerable interest and real value to all tree planters in Hawaii, because it contains just the information needed by persons desiring to establish forest plantations. Without exact knowlis 42 edge concerning the habits of the trees and other plants found therein, plans for the proper care of the forest can not be as wisely made as when these data are available. Rock deal in many cases with questions of pure science, but they all have their practical bearing in one or another. It can only be assumed that the region in question had never been visited by any collector or botanist. Besides, each time a grass or brush fire has to be fought, it means just so much expense and loss of time for those who turn out. Fuel supply in certain districts, fence posts, railroad ties, bridge timbers and other lumber for rough work, to say nothing of con With the. and for the portion of the Districts of Koolau and Puna, extending from the land of Anahola to the land of Olohena,, inclusive. In and for that portion of the District of Kona, lying between and 64 including the Waimea, Poomau and Kauaikanana Valleys and the Hanapepe Valley on the east. their own lumber supply before the timber scarcity comes, provided immediate planting is done on a commercial scale. The introduction of exotic plants received especial impetus in 1881, as a result of a tour of the world by King Kalakaua, who sent back to the islands seed and cuttings of many important plants, some of which may now be found growing on almost every island in the group. Revised list of the forest and ornamental tree seed for sale at the Government nursery. 3 Instructions for Propagating and Planting Forest Trees. In trying out is new plants there must necessarily be many failures. A gold medal was awarded for the above described Forestry and Botanical Exhibit by the Alaska- Yukon-Pacific Exposition. It forms a hedge on both sides of the government road. "According to figures kept by the head worker at the Reserve, planted out during the year 1912 a total of 9,538 trees of the following varieties: Eucalyptus robusta, Blue Gum, E. Haleakala and Mauna Kea have as yet been but meager, but enough has been accomplished to indicate pretty clearly that were it possible to give more care and attention to this line of investigation much better returns could be looked for. From time to time, too, special reports are prepared on the condition of given forests or on particular problems that arise in connection with their admin These reports are, of course, all based on field work, istration. The second main line of endeavor pursued by the Division of Forestry since 1904 has been the encouragement of tree planting. In the and for that portion of the District of Waialua, lying between Kaukonahua and Helemanu GEORGE gulches. The most notable introduction into our 84 Dom palm (Hyphaene thebaica), one Territory from there is the of the very curious fan palms that branches like a Pandanus. the increase in population, the development of irrigation systems, homesteads, and small farming, and the further extension of roads and power lines, the consumption of lumber will constantly increase. This is work that properly belongs to the Government. frames were made for the wood specimens (see plate 12), each one exhibiting thirty specimens, the individual specimen measuring one foot in length, five inches in width, and one inch in thickness, showing the bark on one side. mon of the shrubs is the native Kului, (Nototrichium sandivicensc}. : I have found that this initial expense is well repaid in the quick growth of the trees, thus also making a great saving in the care and cultivation of the trees owing to their shading the ground and thus keeping down the grass and weeds. Results from the sowing of tree seed in fenced enclosures on Mt. radiata, Cupressus arizonica, Libocedrus decurrens, Picea engelmanni, P. It is on the basis oi this report that the Board requests the Governor to take the action required by law. In a few of the reserves the forest is still being damaged by wild cattle and by goats, but in the last few years a very marked improvement has been effected on each o the larger islands in controlling this form of injury. and for that portion of the District of Waialua, lying between the Helemanu and Opaeula gulches. In and for that portion of the District of Waialua, lying Opaelua Gulch and the Koolauloa District line. He collected seeds of many plants below Assuan, along the Nile. This annual consumption of wood represents a value to the consumer of at least one and one-half million dol- With the more intensive development of the plantations, lars.

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