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From then on, we went to have another first, a third historic first in a row, which was the first time that the three guarantor powers met with the Secretary-General in this process, first together to discuss the issues of how to organize their involvement in this conference as it goes along, but also after that in a series of bilateral meetings with all of them.Then we reconvened in the afternoon and the evening session.

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The agreement among everybody is that we are talking about not a very long time, and maybe even in the course of this month, but this is not finally decided because we have to see how this next round goes.The idea now is that rather than just rehearsing the old scripts and reading from notes that have been around for decades, we will now try to decompose these different elements together, not to negotiate them but to try to look into the different components of this and to try to understand, hopefully with the help of some good research that has been done, what are Cypriots actually worried about, and are their worries necessarily solved by the current answers.Are the current answers the right answers in the twenty-first century or do we want to adapt them?The Conference on Cyprus is now continuing and when the guarantor powers are involved, the topic is on security and guarantees, because the guarantor powers neither should nor want to be involved in the issues that are not related to them.But in parallel, the two sides will continue to close outstanding issues because of the interdependent nature of the issues. We have had initial exchanges, because they were all here with the people who will populate this senior civil servants group, and we are talking about very high officials from Foreign Ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office and similar, in addition of course to the sides and ourselves from the UN.

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