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Instead, local cultures usually find ways to cope with the impact and are resilient enough to absorb it without losing some kind of identity.A case study is presented on a local Internet scene in Thailand to see how Thai culture co-opts the Internet and how its identity is being constantly negotiated.

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Will human beings become so similar to one another that they all look like the cyborgs or the drone-like inhabitants of a space ship that one sees in Star Trek?

The physical structure of the Internet, which allows for myriad alternative means of communication, has rendered ineffective any effort to control and censor it.

However, many fear that this power of the Internet might bring harmful results to a community.

Malaysia is well known for its anti-Western rhetoric, but it is one of the most advanced countries in the region in terms of diffusion and utilization of the technology.

Thailand is creating a country-wide network linking all schools together [1], and is discussing ways to install an Internet booth in every post office nationwide.

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