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You should never pay money unless you know that you are going to get value for it.

In addition to vetting and ranking sites, we will also bring you resources to guide you accordingly about online dating.

We will post articles, tips and teach you how to read the red flags for frauds.

With the internet taking over every scope of life today, including dating, we would like to save you the headache of finding the right site by bringing you the best.

We will help you know what kind of profile you need to create, what sites to avoid, how to know scammer sites and how to keep your identifiable information intact. If a site is not worth your while, we will let you know in good time so that you can try another one.

To ensure that people get the best, we vet twenty sites and list them in the order of priority, from the best, the one with the friendliest features and so forth.

The ranking is done according to what we think are the most important factors for you to look out for.That is the question that most people ask and we can assure you that when you consider the reviews, you will never go wrong.We will tell you what you need to do to ensure that you get the right person out there because we believe that there is a person waiting for you. There are many fake classified dating personals out there are even worse than losing money, most people have been victims of identity theft.You will be safe as you answer those classified sex ads. Many sites have been established to assist in this, but not all of them are good for you as this industry is riddled with scammers.Many smart cons are only out to make a quick buck out of you and then they will go.

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