Dating china mcclain

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turns the page to reveal a whole new level of mystery and surprise,” warns Disney Channel president Gary Marsh. Any casting suggestions for Captain Hook or Gaston’s kids?

Uma (played by China Anne Mc Clain) said, "You didn’t think this was the end of the story, did you? (Also, if you're dying to watch Dove, Sofia, and China play a hilarious Disney challenge, watch the video below...) Yes, all your favorites will be featured!

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Thanks to her dad's sternness when it comes to dating, China finds herself to be more like her character, Gabby, than ever. "I'm focusing on what I want to do with my life and where I want to be." And that's a fair plan to have when you're only 15 years old and already juggling a TV, film, and music career, as well as a budding one in fashion. ), China's managed to snatch up a role as a co-ambassador for the NFL's "Together We Make Football" campaign, alongside fellow spokesperson Miranda Cosgrove.

"I was super excited because it's the NFL and that's a huge way I spend time with my dad," she continues.

"I'm actually going back to filming season four of .

It's a competition show, and I'm hosting it, so that'll be fun."Even with all of the things they're excited for, nothing can beat how much they're looking forward to their movie airing tonight at 8/7c.

Like discovering that she'd get to play best friends with her already-close friend China.

As a person born on this date, China Anne Mc Clain is listed in our database as the 10th most popular celebrity for the day (August 25) and the 7th most popular for the year (1998).

People born on August 25 fall under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin.

"I was actually a little bit nervous to record this just because I was working with China, who's a seasoned singer and performer and is used to being in a recording studio," Kelli says. China knew what she was doing and she gave me some pointers and tips.

So that kind of relad me a little bit." As a matter of fact she's gotten so comfortable in the recording booth that she's considering coming out with her own single one day. Now, a year older and a few hours away from the big premiere of their DCOM, both Kelli and China have full schedules and big goals.

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