Dating before divorce with kids

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If that order is issued, how can you live together in the middle of the divorce?

You will not be allowed to have the children over at your house or apartment for overnight placement, unless the significant other leaves during those periods of placement.

If it is a mutual decision to end the marriage, this is less of an issue.

Where it comes into play is where the other spouse does not want a divorce and is very hurt that their spouse filed.

Dating before or during a divorce may affect the child custody arrangement.

Oregon, like all states, decides custody based on the best interests of the child after considering several factors outlined in state law.

Further, your spouse may be upset and resistant to working towards an agreement.

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If your marriage has deteriorated, you may be eager to move on with your life.

From a child’s perspective, their parents getting a divorce, except for the death of a parent is one of the most traumatic and emotional events in a child’s life.

Your new boyfriend or girlfriend may be the most wonderful person in the world, but from your child’s perspective, it is not natural to see their parents together, and you are only adding to the child’s stress by introducing significant others, early on in the divorce case.

While dating is not a specific factor, the relationship between both parents and the children is considered.

If you are dating, your children may not approve and be less inclined to want to spend time with you.

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