Dating atkins saws

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The following year he moved from Cleveland, OH, to Indianapolis, and formed a partnership with W. An 1858 ad shows that he had licensed and manufactured patented designs for muley saws and crosscut saws.

Note that this website is focused on woodworking machinery (and this company is only listed because they made a grinder that might be found in a woodworking shop), and we cannot provide any information on this company's hand tools except for their patents; see the patent section by clicking on the "Patents" tab, above.

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23 (printed in separate sections in color, see below) Atkins produced many other smaller promotional and educational publications (these are the full titles): Atkins Band Saws (Catalog No.

I like how the tote was made for the medallion to sit in deep, flush with the surface of the handle. Atkins 53 if you get an error at the link, try refreshing the page.

23 1950) Atkins Inserted Tooth Circular Saws (Catalog No. 23 1950) Atkins Mill Saws (16-page pamphlet) Atkins Mill Saws (Catalog No. 23 1950) Atkins Saws in the Shop Atkins Segment Ground Cross-Cut Saws Atkins Pruning Saws (Catalog No.

23 1950) Atkins Drag Saw Book Atkins Grinding Wheels and Grinders Atkins Hack Saw Book Atkins Hand Saws (Catalog No.

I found that out by reading this post: I was hoping that one of the very knowledgeable US-based collectors would have prepared something by now but I the meantime these notes are what I have been able to piece together from old catalogues and documents thanks to Viktor.

I wonder if the number being sideways indicates this is a crosscut saw, or indicates nothing of the kind…

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