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One of the preferences of tourists is of course the nightlife.Clubs, bars, booze, parties, new people – this becomes extremely interesting, especially when you visit other countries.This capital city, a center of Armenian culture, has celebrated its freedom with a flurry of construction and a growing population.Despite this push forward, history survives in Yerevan - The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts houses books dating back to the 9th century, and the ruins of the Erebuni Fortress, built in 782 BC, still stand.In Armenia, nightlife is an inseparable part of young people’s lives.All clubs, bars and pubs are mostly located in the city center, so Armenian capital does not sleep that early.Sevan is surrounded with the Sevan National Park, a natural protected area extending from the northeastern parts of the town to the southwest, while Lake Sevan forms the natural border of the city to the east.

Michael Vartan also has Armenian blood as does Dita Von Teese and Joe Manganiello.Clubs are usually full at night hours, that’s why their number is growing day by day.So, if you are a nightlife lover, then this article is for you.The atmosphere is rather heated with local and international DJs invited. Armenian Nightlife wouldn’t be full without this club.When visiting the club, you’ll feel positively heated atmosphere at once.

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