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The free open source option is Blender, and its the GIMP of 3D.Blender was the first to export SL “Sculpties”, making it popular in the Second Life community.Left out in the cold is Hexagon (a 3D object builder) and Bryce (a 3D scene building program specializing in terrain building and atmosphere effects).Making them available for free builds up their market share.I myself have taken some photography classes, and I have used the things I have learned in photography to help my 3D stills work.

Each bra represents two of those qualities: topless = inexpensive, sexy wonder bra = fashionable, sexy sports bra = inexpensive, comfortable strapless = comfortable, fashionable Each panties represents one of those qualities: bottomless = inexpensive classic = comfortable boy shorts = fashionable thong = sexy There are two right answers, out of 16 choices, and you get three tries to get it right.This has proven to be an awesome creative outlet, not too difficult or expensive, and lots of fun.I am finding 3D story telling communities popping up, and I find it rewarding how many quote my dating sim as an influence.Why would they give away a program that it already selling fairly well? In the 3D community, the money is not in the software sales, it is in the content sales.Getting more people interested in buying 3D content is the name of the game.

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