Dating and confused dating m su

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Haha it is a mine field this dating world isn’t it.But like you said I need to stop second guessing and enjoy it because life is too short and whatever will be will be A date a week sounds like perfectly normal 'early dating' phase.

You do sound like you might be a bit overly-invested this early.Remember, you don't yet know the real him, only his 'best representative'.You are still at the 'interviewing' stage, so try to focus on if he is what you want, and if you are compatible, rather than imagining your wedding and babies etc (it may just be me who used to do that! Enjoy, OP xx @Christmas Fluff thank you for the message.A few times we’ve been together he’s said I’m going to miss you now but then I never say it back as feel a little uncomfortable even though I want to say it! Can anyone help me out with this dating business haha Its distracting me from day to day life.I have been so independent and happy since I left previous relationship.

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