Dating a les paul

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It think I'll switch to this method, which is easier. Thanks for the information, kcbuck nuscus, There has been a schism in the time/space continuum, and your guitar fell thru.You must not play that guitar until 2017, or there will be repercussions that will affect all of mankind for generations to come!!These were very similar to the Ibanez Gibson-like models available at that time and most of these models had a Greco logo that looked more like "Gneco".By the mid/late 1970s most Greco Gibson-like models were being made with set necks and open book Gibson headstock designs.The Shrikes had a single volume pot and a group of slide switches to control the 4 split coil pickups in the 2 L shaped enclosures.So you could switch between high and low strings on the pickups.These were regarded as attractive and well-made guitars.

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In the early 1970s Kanda Shokai marketed Greco Gibson-like models, but with bolt-on necks rather than the set necks of genuine Gibson guitars.The tuners were the same as the Teisco Spectrum 5 of that period, and the Neck-plate had the L shaped pickup patent number stamped on it.The zero fret and thin neck is reminiscent of a Mosrite.Prior to that, Goya sold Electric guitars made by Hagstrom .Among the Electric guitar models that Greco offered during this period, were two thin semi-hollow bodystyle that were equipped with the Patented “Shrike” pickups. A 12 string version for both bodystyles were available as well, and were labeled models 960 and 976 respectively.

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