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I quickly glanced at her and without hesitation placed her in tier two.

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Many other nationalities are outgoing and never miss an opportunity to chat with a stranger; Danes are reserved and mild-mannered people – except when they’re not.“Excuse me, can I sit here? Not expecting Danes to ever initiate conversation – especially while sober and during daytime — I was temporarily at loss for words and needed a minute to remember how to use my voice box.

At bars at night I’ve received eye-contact which facilitated straightforward approaches, but during daytime approaches from women (or men) are so rare that at this particular moment I felt that I was the first human being to be so openly approached in the history of Denmark.

Nevertheless, like a trained soldier, I instantly switched into my game mode.“Sure,” I replied.

We can help you select a Danish bride by giving you certain information about them.

You can draw almost a same conclusion about the Danish girls if you have had an interaction with the Swedish and Norwegians.

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