Crystalens accommodating iol patients conventional Caroline lynx

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Back to the history The invention of an intraocular lens came from a genuine observation made by the English ophthalmologist Sir Harold Ridley that PMMA fragments from the cockpits of the windshields of airplanes were will tolerated inside the anterior chambers of the injured pilots during the world war II without causing much complications.

He then designed a biconcave PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) lens and implanted it in the posterior segment of a female patient after performing extra capsular cataract extraction.

This is where the Acrysof monofocal lens implant comes in handy.

The following lines will take you in a journey to the fantastic world of IOLs tracing the historical beginning till the modern revolution in the design and capabilities of modern IOLs.

You will need to wear prescription spectacles after the surgery for correcting the astigmatism.

The monofocals are part of the standard cost covered by Medicare if you are under the coverage of Medicare.

The STAAR Toric IOL gained FDA approval in November 1998, and it was the only toric IOL available on the US market until recently.

The STAAR Toric IOL exhibits excellent rotational stability (The ability of the IOL to stay at exactly the same position as it was when first implanted without being rotated to left or right) through their newer TL model which was released in 1999.

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