Cops and nurses dating

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As the president and the nation as a whole grasp for answers or solutions to the growing divide between law enforcement and communities of color, I can’t help but see the lack of conversation or attention being placed in area of emergency medical training for our officers or the lack of medical care delivered after excessive force has been applied.

S.—considering the birth rates and immigration rates—there are slightly more men than woman in the population per age group.

I can uniquely identify with the black experience because of my own numerous experiences of being pulled over for no other apparent reason except for being in the wrong neighborhood, wrong state and for the hue of my skin. The most personal tense police encounter that I can remember was when I was coming from a business meeting in Philadelphia, attempting to set up a senior program for refugees. I was pulled out of my car and interrogated in the officer’s vehicle. Some of my coworkers have been injured in the line of duty after unfortunate patient interactions.

I was driving back to my office when I was pulled over by six police cars and S. When I recall these events to family and friends they chuckle in disbelief because I am a nurse. In many ways police and nurses are on the same team.

To help those hoping to break into these units, Police is launching a Web-exclusive, multi-part series offering strategies to reach this goal.

Finance, accounting, budgets, and purchasing procedures exist for a reason.

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