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You commit the crime of “pimping” if you either: Legal defenses Prostitution may be the “world's oldest profession”—but that doesn't stop California law enforcement from doing their best to make it disappear.And one way they do that is by cracking down hard on people accused of assisting prostitution through pimping or pandering.If the girls aren't interested, Salvador is supposed to use threats of violence against them or their families to get them to agree.A gang leader offers Salvador 0 for each prostitute he recruits. Salvador is guilty of PC 266i pandering—because he agreed to receive compensation in exchange for procuring someone to act as a prostitute. For a prostitution sting, she dresses like a prostitute and walks at night through a neighborhood where streetwalkers are known to hang out. He tells her that he is a pimp and would be happy to “take care of” her. Joe can be found guilty of pandering, even though Erika was pretending to be someone who was already a prostitute.: After serving time in jail for possession of drugs with intent to sell, Will moves in with his sister Karla. But Will is not guilty of pimping, because he did not know Karla was a prostitute. Cornelius is about to be evicted from his apartment because he hasn't paid rent in a while.

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One of the tasks he is asked to perform is befriending teenage girls from the neighborhood in order to recruit them to work as prostitutes.Because the penalties for PC 266h and 266i are so harsh, it is important to fight pimping or pandering charges with all the resources at your disposal, including the assistance of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.S/he may be able to help you assert one or more of the following common legal defenses: Let's take a better look at some of the elements of the crime of pimping set forth in this legal definition.Lucy is guilty of pimping for setting up prostitution transactions and taking a cut of the proceeds.Pandering is closely related to—but distinct from—pimping.

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