College professor dating a student datingtrans admiral

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We ran into one another and started spending time with one another.

Our relationship has been platonic, but I get the sense that it could go further, which I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to.

Because of this, she chose to quit taking care of my sisters for moral/ethical reasons (she wasn't fired; my parents didn't even know).

I graduated in June, proposed in November, and we were married by May of the next year.

They were not seduced, or hardly more seduced than me.

To use a term not then current, there was no harassment worth the name.

Visit Stack Exchange Here's the situation: She was an undergrad, I was a grad TA.

It was not as if my partners were reluctant, which they were not.

The suits were eventually investigated and dismissed, and she responded with a second Chronicle of Higher Education article, responding to her critics and outlining what happened after the suits were filed.

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If they were a recently ex-student, it's possible that people would think something had been going on while you were their TA but, at this level of removal, that doesn't seem like a credible allegation. The whole ethical problematic of the romantic relations is rooting in that it may cause distrust in your impartiality, if you are grading her work.

It is because it is not enough to be impartial, you should also seem impartial.

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