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However, by early August, Johnson and Martin began fueling reunion rumors (or, at least, casted skepticism over the original break-up rumors) when they were photographed together at an event.

By the end of the first week of August, Johnson and Martin seemed to be firmly back "on," after they were spotted double dating in the Hamptons with Martin's ex-wife, Gwenyth Paltrow, and her new hubby, Brad Falchuk.

Oh, and if you already think their albums are amazing (and maybe even if you don't), their live show will blow you away.""Sigur Rós is so much of a one trick pony that it pretty much takes a dedicated fan to list all the countless subtle differences, in style and atmosphere, between the band's albums.

However, when that said one trick is to make music so impossibly beautiful and ethereal that it makes everyone who hears it ramble endlessly about glacial fields, magical forests and elegant snowrains in said fields and forests, who could dislike them for sticking close to one style?

Meanwhile, Martin wore a black cap, a white tee, and black pants.

The couple seems to be going strong despite breakup rumors that made headway in June.

According to photos published by the , the date night was a casual one.

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The focus of the video is upon several schoolchildren who play in the ash but are forced to wear gas masks to protect themselves from the harmful, noxious air.Having already released several masterful albums of majestic post-rock in the past decade, Sigur Rós remains a force to be reckoned with, and their ever-growing popularity is certainly well-deserved.I want to apologize right away for this edition of Twisted Music Video Of The Week.Drafters know what they're getting in Arenado, who has batted no lower than .287 with at least 37 homers and 110 RBIs in the last four years.He has played all but 16 games in those four seasons, making him a durable beacon of consistency worthy of a first-round selection.

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