Christian dating in cornwall

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The Cornish saints are commemorated in legends, churches and placenames.

(The cult of St Michael is found in Norman times and is seen in the naming of St Michael's Mount after the similarly named monastery in Normandy.) The title has also been claimed for Saint Petroc who was patron of the Cornish diocese prior to the Normans.The Methodism of John Wesley proved to be very popular with the working classes in Cornwall in the 19th century.Methodist chapels became important social centres, with male voice choirs and other church-affiliated groups playing a central role in the social lives of working class Cornishmen.Methodism still plays a large part in the religious life of Cornwall today, although Cornwall has shared in the post-World War II decline in British religious feeling.In 1876 a separate Cornish diocese of the Church of England was established with the bishop's see at Truro.

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