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If the ground wire is already grounded to the dw, and the black and white wires are wire-nutted to the dw connections, you don't need to do anything but add the plug on the other end as indicated above, and plug it in. Mike It sounds to me like the plug that you have may not be suitable for your purpose.

You might want to take it back and get a good 15A plug, that has gold/silver/green lugs to attach too, and not one that is molded onto wires already. Return/Silver goes to largest blade, and green goes to Round/U,pin/ground.

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If you wish to connect the dishwasher to a plug, you should get a junction box and fasten it to the floor under the dishwasher.

Bring the black and white wires (and if there is a ground wire, bring that also) into the junction box.

I understand...seems simple enough, then of course the ground wire.. How do I know which side is correct on the new cord?

but since I have an outlet for the dishwasher, I went to buy 3 prong plug with pigtail, center green/striped (says ground) but there is no color code on the outside wires when I peel back the plastic cord? Thanks I must state that I am not a licensed electrician, but I have wired houses of my own and I believe my answer is correct.

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You just need to add a 3-prong plug to the end of that wire coming from the dw.

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