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The sixth scale figure also features an intricate design of the Iron Man armor that has been faithfully reproduced with red, gold and charcoal grey coloring painted carefully with a metallic appearance, LED light-up functions scattered throughout the upper body, back and Arc Reactor on chest, Nano Lightning Refocuser attachable to the back, multiple pairs of interchangeable hands for iconic gestures, and a character themed figure stand with movie logo.

Recreating the MOMENT, the LED lighted Nano Gauntlet with articulated fingers has taken direct inspiration from the remarkable scene in the film.

I must admit, I didn’t remember the city centre section going on for quite so long, or having quite so many inclines… I knew that keeping that pace up for a further 13/14k wasn’t going to be possible. So I called home and messaged my coach telling them that I was stopping.

Goal #2 – reach the water station at 5k which should keep me occupied until 6k. Sipped some, poured some over myself, kept myself going. My pace was slipping slightly and I reminded myself to be sensible, thoughts of just trying to finish within 2 hours pricking at my mind. The first time I’ve ever used my phone during a race and feeling really rather miserable about the whole thing.

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Having already passed an ambulance parked up along the route and many runners being treated by the side of the road, I was most sad to see strewn runners during the last kilometre, being treated by the wonderful St. We all know that to stop within touching distance of the finishing line means it must be serious and Kev reminded me to watch my pace as I started to speed up towards the stadium finish.

Kev had lined up my son’s favourite song to play as we entered the stadium for our final lap and I waved excitedly at Oscar as I exited the tunnel to see him waiting there in the front row for me.

Should I really be bargaining with myself this early? In what was possibly a hallucination I thought I had the 1.50 pacer in my sights – turned out it was actually the 1.55 pacer and I had lost him in the hub of the water station. Then like a knight in shiny lycra came Steph From Twitter (who had originally lined up with me at the start) and she asked if I was okay.

That seemed to snap me out of my funk, and I started running with her at a more gentle pace, both of us bemoaning that we thought the pacer had maybe gone off too fast.

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