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The story then goes back to Chester See, who had been watching this the whole time, sunk to rock bottom as he has lost all his students. Like WHOA, you ain't sittin up front, Front is for the homies you can sit in the trunk. Then D-trix makes a cameo appearance as a nerd asking "Is this the class where you learn how to pick up girls? I never answer my phone, Whenever you call it And when the waiter brings the bill I never reach for my wallet. In the year since the romantic comedy stole the hearts of people of all walks of life and established that Asian representation is not only essential but profitable, there have been a number of wins for the community.

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Tarynn and Ryan are no longer dating they broke up.During this quarter-century gap, a generation of Asian-Americans grew up with minimal mainstream representation.But as the internet grew, You Tube channels such as Wong Fu Productions, Michelle Phan, Niga Higa, and Kev Jumba emerged.In 2017, he wrote the book Ryan Higa's How to Write Good. His parents are named Wendell and Luci and he has a brother named Kyle.He has collaborated on You Tube videos with Kevin Wu, also known as Kev Jumba.

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