Blink dating review

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The key is to stay constantly aware of your ability to thin-slice and think without thinking.

Gladwell participated in an experiment to test whether he would respond more positively to images of white people with positive or negative words describing them or pictures of black people with positive or negative words associated with the image.

Others, more involved in the art and collectibles industry, had reservations about the ten million dollar kouros. Another objected saying, "You haven't purchased this yet, have you." They "thin-sliced" their view of the kouros and found something that was not right.

Gladwell encourages people to cultivate their ability to thin-slice by spending time with people who are not just like you.

You are challenged to work with people who are not just like you.

If our thin-slicing, snap judgments involve things such as artworks or situations such as burning buildings, confrontations with suspected law-breakers and/or instantaneous assessments of safety situations at work, total immersion in the field helps as do years of experience and study.

You'll want to purchase and read the book, "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking." It has serious implications for all people every day at work and in your personal lives as well.

Your thin slicing in a blink has enormous implications for how you hire and build relationships.

It would appear that this ability to think without thinking, to make snap decisions about situations and people in a “blink,” has significant implications for how you interview and hire staff.

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