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We think it would be even more awkward if it were Blake Lively in those scenes instead. What exactly were the writers thinking with that scene?How much more uncomfortable would it be to be stuck seeing yourself on screen getting busy while other passengers drooled over you? But given Deadpool’s R rating and insane storyline, the bootie potatoes was one of the least disturbing parts of the film.

Such feats are usually done with huge investments with the plastic surgery surgeon office.

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Many Hollywood celebrities are not born with perfect skin.

Blake confessed watching Ryan in these scenes is tough and is an odd form of torture. Blake Lively went on to describe how her young daughter James reacts to seeing her daddy on the screen.

Lively said, “Having your husband having mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole, because that’s in the film, is lovely. The poor thing doesn’t realize her father can’t see, hear, or communicate with her.

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