Blackberry manager last contact time not updating

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I liked the tactile response of my Droid and Droid 2, and haptic feedback was just not as satisfying.I had also not learned to type without looking on my G1 or HTC Hero, a problem I did not have with any of my Droids or Black Berries.Black Berry (well, it's really TCL, but you know what I mean) has opted for what you might call the quintessential look that defined the heyday of Research In Motion.

With Nougat and a strong focus on security, the KEYone is aimed at enterprise users and long-time fanatics.This phone garnered more looks, comments, and questions in my time with it than any other I've used — I'd say that it comes close to the amount of attention I received when smartwatches were still young. The whole front face would throw anyone for a loop, especially when we're starting to see such high screen-to-body ratios these days.Not a single person that I've come across thinks that this is a pretty device... The KEYone is not beautiful, elegant, slim, or anything else like that; it is aimed at a niche that, in theory, cares little for those things in a pocket computer.My fingertips glide across the band-aid texture, but when push comes to shove, my hand grips it solidly.Coupled with an aluminium frame, the KEYone feels sturdy, durable... To put this kindly, it is one hell of a chunky phone — I actually had 2010-2011 phone era flashbacks when I removed it from the box.

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