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Olive Oil is a staple product and offers a wide variety of choices.Farm tours, tastings and human contact are an integral part of these tours.Assuming the Star of Bethlehem was a comet, there were 3 possible years, 12, 5, and 4 B. By using the one relevant, fixed date in the Gospels, the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar (A. 28/29), at which time Jesus is described as "about 30," 12 B. is too early for the date of Jesus' birth since by A. C., but was alive when Jesus was born, which makes 4 B. Archaeologists recently discovered the first artifact constituting tangible evidence of the existence of the ancient city of Bethlehem, which is mentioned in the Torah, according to an Israel Antiquities Authority statement released Wednesday.There are many puzzling details about the birth of Jesus, including the season, the year, the Star of Bethlehem, and the census of Augustus.Dates for the birth of Jesus often hover around the period from 7-4 B.This is the comet Humphreys believes was called the Star of Bethlehem. Matthew tells of the magi coming from the East in response to the star.

Here, one can follow the evolution of human habitation from birth up to modern skyscrapers with great architecture through the Bauhaus school (in Tel Aviv Bauhaus neighborhoods are classified UNESCO heritage).A article (based on a National Geographic Channel show on the birth), "What Jesus' Birth May Have Looked Like," cites John Mosley, from the Griffith Observatory, who believes it was a rare conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on June 17, 2 B. The earliest interpretation of the star of Bethlehem comes from the third century Origen who thought it was a comet. Humphreys says this problem can be answered by assuming the census was not for taxation but for pledging allegiance to the Caesar, which Josephus (Ant. In addition, it is possible to translate the passage of Luke to say it happened From all these figures, Humphreys deduces that Jesus was born between March 9 and May 4, 5 B. This period has the added virtue of including the year's Passover, a most propitious time for the birth of a Messiah.Some who oppose the idea that it was a comet say comets were associated with calamities. The Chinese say the comet appeared between March 9 and April 6 and lasted over 70 days. He says the best-known censuses of Augustus occurred in 28 and 8 B. Hiking in the Negev desert 8 days October 27th to November 3rd 2016 Details: 3 and a half hiking days in the Negev desert, 1 day in the Judean desert and 1 day visit of Jerusalem Click here for details.When Jesus was born seems to have an obvious answer since our dating system is based on the idea that Jesus was born between the eras we call B. Assuming Jesus was an historical figure, the Star of Bethlehem is one of the main tools used to calculate when he was born.

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