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It's funny how similar this is to what happened with matchmaking in Wo W. But not after multiple dates and making out, and them meeting all my friends.Finding a group to run a dungeon is obviously nothing like finding love, but that feeling of passing through the life of a stranger without consequence and all of the attendant issues that go with it are similar. When I got divorced I was plopped into a world I did not understand. The problem is that there aren't great IRL alternatives.If there was a site that did like scheduled "singles gatherings" I think might be a nice IRL alternative but I don't know of anything like that.

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Then I remember that I’m not really a picture taking kinda guy and i get no matches and I’m sad again.My husband and I also met online, yet I consistently notice that other friends our age have zero luck.We met seven years ago and I think you are completely correct that there are just too many people.If they met in a social context, there are other people who know both parties who can be turned to. Women are more often (but not exclusively) on the receiving end of men's rage when things don't work out.It's a crapshoot whether a guy is going to accept a refusal to continue in a graceful way, or if he will try some other retention strategy, or vent his rage physically, or pursue a revenge tactic.

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