Barbie dating vic xu zhou

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TAIPEI – Actor Vic Chou married his girlfriend of four years, actress Reen Yu, on Tuesday.

Chou, 34, is just the second member of the television and Mandopop phenomenon F4 to wed.

He reprised his role in the sequels, Meteor Rain (2001) and Meteor Garden II (2002).

After the success of Meteor Garden, Chou, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu formed the boyband, F4.

He shared on Weibo two photos of the couple brandishing wedding rings and said: "Mrs Chou is really beautiful. We thank friends for their blessings." Yu, 28, made a similar announcement on Facebook.

On her birthday last month, she wrote on social media: "Very happy, very happy today!

He starred in two films, Linger with Li Bingbing and Tea Fight with Erika Toda, in 2008.

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Chou played Hua Ze Lei in Meteor Garden, Meteor Rain, and Meteor Garden II.Chou rose to fame in the insanely popular 2001 idol drama, Meteor Garden, with three others who became known as F4. His former girlfriends include the late actress Hsu Wei-lun and his former Meteor Garden co-star Barbie Hsu. Chou appeared in the Chinese-Hong Kong romantic-comedy film, Two Wrongs Make a Right, in 2017.He is currently set to star in Beauties in the Closet and The Flame's Daughter.

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