Asp net dating software

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If a user goes below a certain number of points then they will no longer be able to moderate photos.

The users with high score can participate in the "Top Moderators" chart.

The new dynamic search page automatically adds your custom profile questions to the search criteria list.

Users are displayed with photo piles created from their primary photo and their best rated photos.

Each classified ad has name, description, a few photos and an expiration date. There are settings allowing you to restrict the posting to users above certain levels or only to paid users or to specific billing plan.

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When enabled the features allows your users to post classified ads.Existing users can decide whether new candidates are a good fit for the site.The process is similar to the "User assisted photo moderation" feature.If used a Skype icon will be shown on the user profile showing the current user status (Online, Offline, etc).Other users will be able to instantly call the user by clicking on the Skype icon.

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